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26th. Apr, 2010 | 11:30 am
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So, those fine folks at We Are Words + Pictures have put together a FREE COLOUR NEWSPRINT COMIC for this Saturday's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event. I have submitted a never before printed Polar Opposite strip and it's one of my faves. Because of the quick turn around the paper seems to be only available from London’s Orbital Comics, but if you check the WAW+P site come Saturday then you'll be able to download a free PDF under the Creative Commons act which means, hey, you can distribute and print a copy on your own for free. As long as you don't charge anyway *stink eye*

Anyway, here's a panel from the strip...y'know I've really missed drawing these guys and I'm kinda itching to do something new with them.


Also coming this week is the second issue of the British comic anthology Solipsistic Pop and I have a brand new six page Chloe Noonan comic strip in it along with another Polar Opposites strip in the newspaper supplement. You should see this book, guys., the photos don't do the book justice. Hands down it's the best print job my work has ever received and I know you guys are book lovers so the following is important, the smell is spot. on.

Anyway, here's the first page from the new Chloe story. Even the JPG can't show the full awesomeness of the blue tone colour.


I love this anthology and I'm really pleased to be included in it. Honoured, even. It's a very important book for the UK indie comic scene and all I can say is, if you were ever curious as to what's out there but didn't know where to start, well this is where you begin. There's a wealth of talent in there such as Adam Cadwell, Stephen Collins, Lizz Lunney, and one of my favourite new comic artists, Luke Pearson.

If you live in London then there is a party on Wednesday night to celebrate the launch of the issue. I should be there, work permitting. Here, have a flyer!

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Emma Vieceli

(no subject)

from: emmav
date: 27th. Apr, 2010 10:00 am (UTC)

wow - SP2 looks gorgeous!

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