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Polar Opposites

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12th. Jun, 2008 | 10:39 am
music: Brand New (I know, LOLZ, right?)

Polar Opposites was my first attempt at web comic. It was hosted over at Punch Throat when they used to do web strips, Dave Iseri used to do a hilarious one called Terrible Horrible, which I think put everyone else's to shame. I first drew these at my second year at university, my friend John was drawing a couple of strips called Animal Sex Farm and Dance Bones at the same time and sitting up the kitchen table drawing them together was a great experience. John's characters even appeared in the cross over in the middle of the book - god, he really should do a collection of those strips...

Anyway, over the past god knows how many years I was never happy with how they looked. Originally, I just used one drawing of a penguin and flipped it and then added the text, it wasn't like they were even that good looking, like I done a really bad job pasting them up and stuff as my Photoshop-Fu was pretty crappy. So last year when I started making minis, I knew that I had to do a Polar Opposites one as they bloody deserved to have one. For some people it's still the best thing I've done, which is crazy as it's just my stupid gag strip, but hey, each to their own. All the minis have sold out now, but like last time maybe Dave's Comics in Brighton have some and maybe Page 45.

I am planning to do more Polar Opposites but I don't know when. Until then, here are all 24 strips of stupid bloody penguins saying stupid bloody things. There are some new ones that haven't been on-line yet, so if you're familiar with these and sick to the back teeth of them, still check it out, yeah?


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Dale O'Flaherty

(no subject)

from: daleof
date: 3rd. Oct, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)

My favourites were eleven and fifteen.

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